about us

The founder of MyFuseFit™ knows firsthand the need for this unprecedented concept. Growing up under the athletic spotlight, our founder Devin Johnson had one goal and there was nothing you could do to stop him. Devin Johnson participated in mixed martial arts and at 22 earned a record of 5-0 as an amateur, anticipating his professional debut. Preparing for his debut, something went terribly wrong. Sparring with a longtime teammate, he slipped and broke his neck, leaving him partially paralyzed from the chest down. As Devin laid and contemplated the meaning of life without martial arts, let alone walking, he directed his intense focus down a road that he always wanted to pursue prior to fighting; business. After a couple years of schooling and personal physical rehabilitation, Devin saw a need and a huge one! Devin noticed the hundreds of thousands of individuals who absolutely yearn to experience an efficient new workout but are not always able to physically utilize everything that a gym has to offer. This limit is what MyFuseFit™ is trying to push by giving those individuals more available alternatives to the intimidating, expensive gyms. Finding a need and filling it has always been the vision of the founder of MyFuseFit™ and in the industry of independence, it truly takes one to know one. Let MyFuseFit™ be your connection, try us out.